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Established in 1982, June Florist Pte Ltd is recognized as a pioneer in Singapore’s floristry industry. We are specialists in large scale floral arrangements for special events without focus on wedding and banquet decorations,flower arrangements, decorations for conferences as well as exhibitions.

Having delivered floral arrangements for both WTO and 1987 Miss Universe Pageants, we have carved a firm foothold in this competitive industry over the years since our launch.

Our extensive experience and in depth knowledge of wedding planning from venues to stage themes, floral arrangements, photography to exquisite table settings, etc. has allowed us to help numerous couples create their dream weddings with high quality, creative designs with fresh flowers.

At June Florist, we are committed to keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends in this industry. Our in-house designers work closely with customers to produce designs, concepts, styles and themes that exude elegance and glamour.

We invite you to become a part our growing clientele today!